Founded : 1989
Founder : Mahadeo Gupta
Type : Private Limited Co.
Holding Company : Gupta Group
Headquarter : Nagpur (India)
Annual Report
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Padmesh Gupta - Chairman Message

Padmesh Gupta says, all great stories have a humble beginning, a strong middle and a rousing finale. The story of Gupta Group began many decades ago with the coal trading business. This small step taken by my grandfather has led us to today where we are experiencing a strong growth trajectory marked by vertical growth in volumes and expansion into different sectors.

We started out as a domestic coal trading company and have successfully diversified into Coal Imports, Coal Beneficiation, Power, Logistics and Infrastructure – core sectors that are the fuel of India’s growth engine.
In just the last couple of years, we have bagged prestigious imported coal contracts from customers such as KPCL and Mahagenco, launched Chhattisgarh City Center shopping mall in Raipur, commissioned 120 MW Power Plant in Usegaon (MS) and handled an aggregate of nearly 10 Million Tonnes of coal for our customers.

We are placed in the right sectors and the GUPTA brand is well-positioned to take advantage of the next growth cycle. I firmly believe that our commitment to quality, to our customers and our employees is at the heart of our phenomenal success story. Over the years we have cultivated a strong Management team that is poised to drive the growth of future.

We believe this is just the beginning!

Padmesh Gupta

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